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Final Conference and Demo Area, October 13th 2014

The ePolicy Final Conference and Demo Area took place at Hall Poggioli, viale della Fiera 8, Bologna, on October 13th 2014.

Download the Program! 

The Speakers:

Introductory speech by Maurzio MELIS, Morena DIAZZI and Paola MELLO:

Marijn Janssen, ICT technologies invading policy-making: taking advantage of new opportunities:


Michela Milano, ePolicy: a tool for supporting sustainable and participated energy planning:


Sabrina Franceschini, Involve citizens in the decision-making process: the e-partecipation platform of the Emilia Romagna Region:


Tony Woods, Exploitation of ePolicy Results: how to make it happen:


Dario Braga, Conference conclusions:



And few  screenshots of the day: