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e-POLICY proposes the integration of two tightly connected modelling viewpoints: the “global” and the “individual” perspective.  The first considers global objectives, financial aspects, constraints and impact assessment on economy, society and environment at a large scale. The second identifies individual desiderata, merges attitudes and reactions to specific political decisions and defines the best policy implementation strategy.

The enabling technologies are

  • optimization and decision support for the global planning viewpoint (WP3); 
  • agent-based simulation for the individual perspective (WP4);
  • game theory for regulating their interaction (WP5).

A number of subsidiary, but no less important, technologies are needed to create an open, transparent and accountable tool.

 For extracting social attitudes, e-Participation tools and opinion mining technologies will be used (WP6).  

Opinion mining identifies social impacts that should be considered at both global and individual levels. At the global level, opinion mining will produce exante policy evaluation. Citizens’ opinions will be collected through the web from thematic web sites and will provide an indication of a general sentiment on a specific policy field.

After the global optimization component has produced a set of alternative (feasible and optimal) scenarios, citizens and stakeholders can express their expost opinion on the policy options available, producing payoffs for each alternative.

Finally, the use of advanced visualization techniques (WP7) assists both the policy maker who, in general,  is not an IT expert in the decision making process, and also citizens and stakeholders who are assisted in providing informed opinions on the policy options.

All the technical work-packages will converge in a open source and flexible architecture, subject of WP8.

Although the proposed techniques are general and can be applied at different political levels such as regional, provincial, urban planning and public and private projects, the e-POLICY project will focus on the realistic target of regional planning in the Emilia Romagna Region of Italy (RER). 

WP1 is devoted to extract the main "ingredients" of Regional Planning and WP9 to the demonstration of the overall architecture.